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Qiong Qi Tiger 3D Metal puzzle New

Qiong Qi Tiger 3D Metal puzzle New

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About this item

  • Creative Design: Inspired by the tiger beast in the Classic of Mountains and Seas, the model is designed with the characteristics of fantasy ancient beasts, complex mechanical details, and a streamlined body to make it unique and visually appealing.
  • Decorative Ornament: Perfect for an attractive addition to your home and office, the assembly adds more elegance and sophistication to any decor.
  • Fun and Educational: The product provides not only a challenging and fun assembly experience, but also an educational experience. Also available as a fun tool for family activities or classroom education.
  • Collection Gift: It makes a great holiday gift for lovers of art, engineering or metalwork, as well as for a child interested in STEM education.
  • High-quality Material: Made of durable, strong, long-lasting and high-quality metal materials for an eco-friendly and reusable product, as an ideal choice for collectors and enthusiasts.

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