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Metal Fidget Slider

Metal Fidget Slider

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Product Dimensions:4cm*1.5cm*2.5cm

Item Weight:70g

  • 【Excellent Fidget Sliders】- The Coin Fidgets Slider toys is entirely made of stainless steel. Every detail of the slider has been precisely machined, and the surface treatment is delicate and smooth, making it more comfortable to hold.
  • 【Funny Poker Push Sliders】- You need to push in the direction of the position of the inner magnets, When you push this magnetic slider, the magnets inside snap into each other, giving you force feedback from the magnetic force. This process produces a very crisp metallic crashing sound. You can change the slack of the slider by adjusting the tightness of the lower left screw to achieve the most comfortable feeling.
  • 【Stress Relief Toy】- Whether you are a student or an office worker, you may be under study or work stress, which over time can lead to negative emotions such as depression, hyperactivity, mania, and depression. With fidget toys, you'll be able to curb unwanted habits like nail biting and smoking. Your boring time will pass quickly and you will be happy when you are alone. Many people have successfully broken bad habits with this fun and cool fidget toy.
  • 【Collections and Gifts】- Fidget toys are exciting gifts that people of all ages love, regardless of age or gender. You can give it to your father, husband, brother, boyfriend, best friend. This is an easy and great gift idea for any occasion like Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Years or any other party/event. If you're a lover of EDC toys, this exquisite slider is for you, and it's a perfect collection.


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